Our Vision

Laos or the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR) is a developing nation of approximately seven million people. The Government of Laos is helping development and is succeeding with economic growth each subsequent year.

The Lao People have a wealth in Lao Culture that defies the poverty prevalent in the country.

However there are still rural areas where children are born into generational poverty with no formal education and scarce medical or health facilities.

My vision is to contribute to the education and health of those children and their families in the communities that are accessible along the Mekong, Ou and Khan Rivers in Laos via Lao Longboats delivering teachers and education on a regular basis daily. Thus providing them with a means of breaking the generational poverty cycle and give the children a chance in a world not confined to their village.

By doing so I hope that the children in turn will educate their families and therefore their communities and leave a lasting sustainable legacy of good for the Lao people.

In essence: if some of the children we educate eventually become perhaps Doctors of Medicine or Professors in some Humanitarian or Scientific field and return to their villages to help their communities via our River School Lao boats in the future then that's the beginning of a legacy that can evolve for the benefit of humanity and they can continue this project as new young leaders in a respectful cause.

David Hewlett

Founding Director

RIver School Lao