Our Ethics

As a Humanitarian Organisation our fundamental values found the vision and core of our operations.

1.  The sanctity of life is paramount and consequently the safety of the children and communities we serve in addition to our employees is our priority.

2.  We will work legally within the Government of Laos legislature and laws and in consideration of international law governing human rights.

3.  We respect and treat with dignity Lao culture and traditions and we dignify with respect the culture and traditions of our employees.

4.  We believe in a workforce prioritizing gender equality, cultural and racial diversity, and zero discrimination regardless of sexuality or religious belief provided respect and observance of Lao Culture is maintained.

5.  We adhere to creating a sustainable legacy of help and support for the communities we serve for current and future generations.

6.  We will be an organisation that is not based on consumption. We will be a creative and contributive spirit that sets a fair and caring example in all our policies, procedures and operations.